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Application For Guild Membership in the Rhydin Mystical Guilds Forum

Please Read the RMGF Pages thoroughly. All guilds joining the Forum must abide by the set rules and conform to the Dice and xp system within.

Upon acceptance into the forum, the GC's will need to provide a current copy of the Guild's member roster, showing each members rank and dice, and send it to the Forum Commander plus a copy to the Forum SIC. By filling out and returning this application, you state;
1: That you agree to abide by the forum guildelines and rules, which are stated in the forum pages.
2: That you agree to make any changes necessary to conform to the standards set forth by the forum in regards to your guild, its ranks, dice, etc..
3: That you agree to send in a weekly updated roster to the RMGF Commander.

Please fill in the following questions fully, and to the best of your knowledge. Any applications incomplete, will not be considered for admittance to the Forum
1: What is the name of the guild, both full name and abbreviation?

2: What is the [SN] of the GC? (lowercase letters)

3: What is the guild's member count? (15 members minimum)

4: What is the alignment of the guild?

5: What is the purpose of the guild?

6: Do you feel you and your members can abide by and follow the rorum rules and standards?

7: Who brought you to seek out the RMGF?

8: How much time per week does the GC spend online?

Upon Completion of this application, please copy and paste, and send to [DstnyStar]. All applications will be reviewed as long as they are properly filled out. The RMGF accepts all alignments and races. Light and Dark Guilds all welcome.