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RMG Assassins

Assassin Rules

1. All Assassins need a AA Reg # and an AA Contract # to legally AA someone in RMG.
2. All AA's will be sent to the Forum President, Coroner, and Assassin Validator for proper validation.
3. No more that 2 enhancers of any combination are allowed to be used during the AA.
4. Assassin/s must log and procter the AA.
5. Assassin Contracts are only good for up to 5 days.

The Attempt

- The Assassin must first tell the target OOC that his character is about to be AAed.
- Then state AA Reg # and Contract #.
- Time and Date.
- Tell target to state Dice, BG's, and Enhancers.
- Both Target and Assassin state.
- Assassin states HTK for both Target and Assassin.
- Assassin tells Target to roll Perception and the HP needed to pass Perception.
- Target would then roll thier Perception dice.(Determined by thier dice.)

Assassin states OOC
Assassin: (( RMG AA on *(SN)* Assassin - *(Assassins SN)* ))
Assassin: ((AA Reg # - *(Reg#)* Contract # - *(Contract#)* ))
Assassin: ((Time: *(Time - Time Zone)* Date: *(?/?/??)* ))
Assassin: ((State Dice, BG's, and enhancers ))
Assassin: ((4d100, No Enhancers ))
Target: ((4d100, No Enhancers ))
Assassin: (( Target:*(HTK)* Assassin: *(HTK)* ))
Assassin: ((Roll *(Perc)* *(HP)* Needed to spot Assassin ))

- If Perception is failed the Assassin attacks the Target and rolls 2d of his RMG dice.
- If the needed HTK is achieved, the Target is legally dead and in need of a RMG rezz.
- If the Targets HTK is not achieved, a forced AA DM occurs using the AA DM HP Chart.

Ex. Passed Perception
Assassin: ((Perception Passed. )) Assassin: ((Target: Flee or Dodge? ))

Target: (( Flee ))
- If the Target chooses to flee he must leave the room immediatly and the Assassin cannot AA him for another 15hrs. [ IRL. ]

Target: ((Dodge ))
- Assassin would then make his attack IC and rolling 2d of his RMG dice.
- Target would then roll 2d also of his RMG dice.
- The dodge is only successful if the Target rolls one side higher than the Assassins rolled dice.


- A MAA is basically an AA with more than 1 Assassin.
- It is played out the same, except the Target rolls perception for each of the Assassins.
- If the Target passes Perception for one of the Assassins, that Assassin must leave the room immediatly.
- Once the Perception rolls are done, the AA proceeds with the Assassins needing to achieve the proper HTK for the AA to be successful.

BGing an AA

- Only BG's who have it stated in thier life scroll that they BG the Target can Body Guard them during the AA. All other BG's will be invalid. The BG must also be present in the room at the start of the AA.
- A Target may only have 2 BG's.
- Once prompted too, the BG will state and roll init before the Target.
- If a BG's Perception is passed the Assassin must flee the room.

BGing an MAA

- BG's must state which Assassin they are trying to spot then roll the Perception for that Assassin.
- If passed, then that Assassin must flee the room.
- If failed, the BG doesn't know a damn thing about that AA and cannot warn the Target.



Dice 2d 3d 4d
d20 - 29 = 6hp 8hp 9hp
d30 - 39 = 7hp 9hp 10hp
d40 - 49 = 8hp 10hp 12hp
d50 - 59 = 10hp 12hp 13hp
d60 - 69 = 12hp 14hp 15hp
d70 - 79 = 14hp 16hp 18hp
d80 - 89 = 16hp 19hp 21hp
d90 - 90 = 18hp 22hp 25hp
d100 = 20hp 25hp 30hp


2d = 40hp
3d = 60hp
4d = 80hp

Perception Dice

d20 - 89 = 2d20
d90 - 95 = 2d21
d96 - 99 = 2d22
d100 = 2d23