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The RMG Gold System

For guilds joining the RMG each member starts out with the amount of gold as they have in dice sides times 2 and adding a 0 (for example, Wizard811 who has 4d92's when the guild is accepted to the RMG would automatically have 2x92 =184 plus a 0 ..1840 gold) this would only happen as they register with the RMG, and only for the purpose of giving everyone a starting gold amount. For new recruits for the guild each new recruit would receive their dice and 200 Gold.Meaning if there is not enough Gold in your allotment your recruiting must wait till your monthly dispersements (you will receive enough Gold each month to recruit 20 members or use as ye wish) Gold is to be listed in the profiles. Players can look for jobs with the guilds that pay the best.

Guild Gold
Each month beginning at time of joining the RMG and on the first of each month each guild will receive 5000 Gold to use for recruiting, opening shops and taverns. The GC will be required to add this at the 1st of each month and disperse it as he/she feels fit. All guild payroll sheets must be turned into the RMG Treasurer each month for record keeping purposes in the RMG archives, due on the 30th of the month. Guilds can buy a weapon to give to their champion or to offer as a prize in a tournament etc. but they must send a notice to the RMG weapons supervisor saying who has the item.

Not everyone should be able to own a shop, so to own a shop you must register it in RMG so we can allot for the gold, etc., for your inventory and so no one can cheat customers and sell unregistered items. The cost of buying one of these shops from the RMG being 3,000 gold. Individuals, groups or guilds could combine gold to purchase a shop. (See shop app) Shops can also be "leased to own" at a rate of 500 gold a week paid to the RMG. Purchased magical items/spells/weapons must be listed in your profile. Each purchased item shall have a registration number. The item is invalid if not listed within the profile. If an item is sold or trade the person buying the item shall reregister the item for a new registration number.

Each item has a cost to make and a minimum price to sell it you may sell the item for a higher price increasing your profits but may not be sold below the minimum. All production cost money payable to the RMG Treasurer upon registering the item.

(These are not sent in a scroll and must be memorized)

+ 1 spell costs 200gps to produce and 400gps minimum sale price

+2 spell costs 500gps to produce and 1000gps minimum sale price

+3 spell costs 700gps to produce and 1400gps minimum sale price

+4 spell costs 1500gps to produce and 3000gps minimum sale price

+5 spell costs 2500gps to produce and 5000gps minimum sale price

(You may make a spell book which may be on a scroll but i suggest ye have at least 7 +1 spells making the book affordable)


+1 weapon costs 300gps to produce and 600gps minimum sale price

+2 weapon costs 700gps to produce and 1400gps minimum sale price

+3 weapon costs 1400gps to produce and 2800gps minimum sale price

+4 weapon costs 2800gps to produce and 5600gps minimum sale price

+5 weapon costs 6000gps to produce and 12,000gps minimum sale price


+1 Armor costs 300gps to produce and 600gps minimum sale price

+2 Armor costs 700gps to produce and 1400gps minimum sale price

+3 Armor costs 1400gps to produce and 2800gps minimum sale price

+4 Armor costs 2800gps to produce and 5600gps minimum sale price

+5 Armor costs 6000gps to produce and 12,000gps minimum sale price

Magic Items
(none over +4)
The pricing on these can get confusing so I will try to explain it the best I can. Each power 100gps and 5gps per every side dice over d20. 50gps per each use before it self-destructs Ex: You make an Dragon's Orb of Escape. It has a teleport ability of d90 sides and for 5 uses it would cost 100gps for the ability, 350gps for the dice sides, and 250gps for times it can be used: 700gps cost of production. Sale price would be 200gps for the ability, 700gps for the dice sides, and 500gps for times it can be used, for a total sale price of 1400gps.

Scrolls for Spells and Potions
(These are only good for one use and can be used by all)

+1 - 100gps minimum to produce 200 minimum to sell

+2 - 200gps minimum to produce 400 minimum to sell

+3 - 300gps minimum to produce 600 minimum to sell

+4 - 400gps minimum to produce 800 minimum to sell

+5 - 500gps minimum to produce 1000 minimum to sell

Clarification on + items: you can only add to damage, in the case of items meant to damage opponents the + is to the SCORE of the dice rolled, or subtract from your damage in the event it is a defensive item. This does not give you extra dice or sides it is merely to add or subtract from the scores after the roll has been made.

Creating Magical Weapons, Armor, and Spells
You may create 3 +1, +2, or +3 items OR 1 +4 0r +5 magical armors, weapons, spells or magic items per week. Shop owners would be required to send a weekly list of what weapons, armor, and/or spells that were created, who created it, what it does, and who it was sold to along with any gps required to register (produce) the item If at any time that the magic weapon or armor is in use and the owner rolls a 1 the item is destroyed, it will cost 1/2 of the items worth to have it reforged by a person who owns a shop.

Cplwhatzit: ::swings his +2 sword at Majorpain's chest::
Cplwhatzit rolls a 16 ,1

If his + sword breaks he could get it reforged. (Spells don't break therefore this does not apply to them) All money collected for reforging shall be the shop keepers to due as he wishes.. e.g. make another weapon/armor/spell for sale)

Once a combat starts the first item used is the one that person uses for the rest of the combat unless the item breaks (they roll a 1 while using it) in which case they may pull out another item to use. This does not apply to spells since any particular spell that has a + can only be used as many times as they purchased it for. A "hit" must be made in order for a magic item/spell to work. If you roll an unscorable hit then that would not take away one of the purchased uses. If you are caught using more than your purchased uses you will be forbid from registering any other items.

Sales of Items
For any sale to be legal you must check profiles for valid gold, no exceptions! For a sale to be legal you must send in the date of sale, registration number, price of item, item name, + number and the SN in which you sold it to. If the SN of the buyer, when it is checked, has no valid gold in profile or no profile at all it will simply invalidate your sale, no exceptions, unless you provide proof that this person had lost a DM. Then of course the sale would be valid as you are not responsible for keeping people alive. No sale will be final until ye receive a scroll from the weapons supervisor.
You may also earn gold by sparring.. only winning spars earn gold.

Earning Gold

Spar: 10gps

SM: 5gps to the winner

MS: 5gps per opponent (win only)

RM: 70gps

HM: 50gps

DM: 100gps

To earn gold simply send the treasurer a log of your spar.

-- A guild receives 1000gps for each guild recruited --
(Please include guild & SN of person who
recruited the guild in the app. of the said guild.)