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The Forum Regent

The current forum regent will have the following responsibilities:

Review all applications for entry within the forum as well as dealing with acceptances and new guilds.
Keep records of guilds and any other important forum information; enforcing the rules of the forum as well as making sure all those within it follow accordingly.
Keep an open line of diplomacy and communication with other forums in Rhydin.
Review for approval any proposals or suggestions brought forth by the forum congress.
Oversee the day to day operations of the forum.

RMG Forum Regent
Mei Toriyama
[ dstnystar ]

The Forum Sub-Regent

The current forum regent will have the following responsibilities:

Assist the commander in the day to day operations of the forum; keeping backups of forum records.
Assume the duties of the commander in his/her absense.
Actively seek and recruit new guilds to the forum.

RMG Forum Sub-Regent
- None placed -
[ -- ]

The RMG Forum High Council

The forum council will hold no more than ten (10) members. The council serves many functions for the forum. The duties include, but are not limited to:

Maintaining a list of all guilds currently registered in the forum.
Maintaining records of all guild relations (wars, alliances, etc) and keeping the Forum commanders informed on this subject.
Actively on top of their personal departments, keeping updated records.
Witnessing and recording all DM fought within the forum.
Maintaining records on all freeform and freelance members.
Acting as neutral parties in guild disputes.

The forum council will as well, act as the judiciary body to hold trial over those who have been accused of committing crimes against the forum, or holding trial to guilds within the forum as well. Upon hearing testimony, the council will vote and determine guilt or innocence, and come to a sentance accordingly. Ideally, the council will consist of freelance or freeform members not belonging to any guild, to create an equal balance which would be impartial and unbiased.

RMG Forum High Council
Lord Plantsmyth (FreeForm Director)
[ plantsmyth ]

Lady Kylla Rodello (Priest/Healer Coordinator)
[ kyllaslyrrodello ]

Lord Styx Medri (Assassin Director)
[ styx medri ]

Lord Crash (Freelance Director)
[ y crash 64 ]

Lady Kelsia Moyano (Secretary)
[ kelsia mz ]

The RMG Forum Congress

Each GC within the forum will hold a seat in the forum congress. In the event that the GC can not attend a forum meeting, the SiC or TiC of the guild, or a suitable high command representative will represent the guild in their place. The congress may convene once a month for the purpose of:

Discussing major issues in the forum.
Giving the guilds a chance to voice concerns and ideas to the body of the forum.
Updating the forum commander on guild status and relations with other guilds within and outside of the forum.
Giving the forum commander a chance to give a "State of the Forum" address to all guilds withing the forum.