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Priests/esses as a profession can include not only priests/esses but also monks, nuns, shamans, clerics, wiccans, druids, etc, and need not declare any particular religion.

Healers are not required to call upon the spirits for aid and may, if they so desire, be completely secular and scientific about their profession.


Priest/ess and Healers may be of any alignment.

Forum Requirements

In the player's profile it must state that s/he is a Priest/ess and/or Healer and contain the official ID. (i.e. KyllaSlyrRodello #P-0666)

Even though you may have played your character with these traits or innate abilities previously, you may not perform them in the RMG for Xps unless registered as a Priest/ess/Healer.

The requirements for registration include submitting an application and completing the Priest/ess/Healer Training with the High Priest/ess of the Forum, or in the event of no High Priest/ess, than the High Priest/ess of your specific guild. Contact the High Priest/ess or the Sub-Regent of the Forum to obtain the application for registration.

Holy Dice

Holy Dice are 1d + the regular guild dice sides of the Priest/ess/Healer. So if a player has guild dice of 3d68, his/her Holy Dice would be 1d68.

(If a player holds an office in the RMG forum, it is likely that s/he may have both guild dice and RMG forum dice, in which case the higher of the two may be used to determine the player's Holy Dice).

Xps For Role-Playing Ability

Xps awarded will be increased depending on how formal, inventive and convincing the role-playing is for ceremonies, duties, and services that require no roll. All ceremonies, duties, and services must be logged to count for Xpts. There must be a statement at the beginning of the log stating what act is being performed and the mun date.

For ceremonies requiring a roll, you will be awarded bonus points for achieving the desired result in fewer total rolls. For example, if the Rezz team succeeds in rezzing the deceased person in fewer than 8 rolls of the dice (7 rolls or less total for all participating) they will receive bonus points for successfully concentrating their combined rezz energy on the deceased. The bonus points will be awarded by the High Priest/ess upon reading and judging the log sent in.

After sending in a log, the Xps awarded will be sent back in an E-Mail, and the members are honor-bound to report them accurately to their guilds. Holy Dice increase as your guild dice increase. Each Priest/ess/Healer is responsible for updating the High Priest/ess when their dice sides increase so that the division roster can be updated.

Rezz Rites

The rezz team may be made up of any combination of healers and/or priests. It is recommended that at least 3 persons be on a rezz team. The reason is to increase the odds of a successful rezz. One of the rezz team may log and proctor, since Priest/ess/Healers are considered unbiased because they serve the whole forum. Once the rezz ritual begins, no additional person may be added to the Rezz Team.

A regular rezz cannot be used on an Immortal who has been beheaded, Highlander-style, however a separate event can be performed for attempting to restore them -- See rules for "Alter Event" under "Ceremonies".

The Ritual for a Rezz:

All deceased are "dead" for 35 points which need to be removed with healing rezz energy and prayer. There will no longer be calculations based on how many points they were killed by:

All in attendance should log in case of possible "booting" of the person logging. This is especially true for the one being Rezzed (after all, the deceased has a copy of the Death log, he also needs a copy of himself being brought back to life).

Some roleplay should be involved in judging the manner of the death of the deceased, and if an arrow or a sword is stuck into him, it should obviously be removed before the Rezz. A eloquent prayer or invocation would also boost Xpts.

1. The rezz team must choose a scorekeeper, and this person must indicate log on:

Wizard811: ~~~~~log on~~~~~~

2. The scorekeeper of the REZZ team needs to state the action being done and on whom:

Wizard811: (Rezz of CplWhatzit, July 22, l999, 7:30 PM Central)

3. The scorekeeper should then ask the Rezz team members to state their Reg #'s and Holy Dice:

Wizard811: (Rezz Team state ID#'s and dice)

Wizard811: (#H-1111 1d95)

DstnyStar: (#H-1112 1d95)

SgtWacko: (#H-1113 1d68)

4. Roll 1d10 for initiative, commonly called "init". Highest "init" goes first.
5. Begin the ritual by scorekeeper stating the following:

Wizard811: (40 points to rezz CplWhatzit)

6. Rollplay your action and roll your Holy Dice, (ie: mine are 1d95):

Wizard811: ::carefully pulls out the dagger from his chest, throwing it aside, and chants an invocation:: (suggested script below)

"Air.... Fire....Water....Earth...
Ye elements of astral birth
From sea and mountain , star and moon,
By prayer, by will, by Cuchlacuhn,
I call you now, attend to me!
Return this soul, so let it be!"

::then presses her hands to his chest::

OnlineHost: Wizard811 rolled 1 95-sided die: 65

Wizard811: ::feels energy travel through her into him::

(The "5" in the number 65 just rolled is what the point value of the roll counts for. Only the number on the right counts, as in 65. (Note: A roll of "60" would count as 10, not zero ). The reason for this dice system is to eliminate the need to convert points from a Hit Table while roleplaying.)

The scorekeeper then subtracts the 5 points from the score in parantheses.

Wizard811: (35)

(The next team member goes, and so on, the score values subtracted each time until the victim is rezzed): (10 minutes later, ritual nearly over:)

Wizard811: (5)

DstnyStar: ::feels StormWaryr's neck, finding a weak pulse.. slaps his cheek, seeing her stimulant potion at last taking effect::

OnlineHost: DstnyStar rolled 1 95-sided die: 27

Wizard811: (REZZED!!!!)

CplWhatzit: ::sits up groggily, as a fog clears from his vision::

(Roll play continues as the rezz team finishes up and the rezzed person is returned to friends and family).

Wizard811: ~~~~~~log off~~~~~~~~

Failed Dice Roll:

A "failure" roll is a roll of 1 - 14.

This is like a spell that backfires. Something goes wrong with the rezz energy and the Rezz Team member takes 5 points of damage to him/herself which should be roleplayed and healed after the rezz is over. (Logs will be checked for this and your team may be docked for forgetting.. not every action is successful IRL and we want this to be as realistic as possible).

If two Failure rolls are made by the Priest/Healer during this ritual, s/he is considered incapacited by injury and is out of the ceremony, and the other members of the Rezz team must continue without that person.

After the rezz is over, the Rezz Team members may heal themselves or each other. They are still able to perform healings while slightly injured themselves.

Doubles Bonus

A roll of 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, or 99 results in a +2 points added to the dice roll. (Example:

Online Host: Wizard811 rolled 1 95-sided die: 66

(8 points would be subtracted from the score instead of just 6)


A rezz is worth 400xps if achieved alone.

(not recommended -- remember, 2 failure rolls and the rezz itself fails) (If you have to attempt it alone, have at least one other person send in a log to prove that the rezz actually took place).

A rezz is worth 250 xpts to each member if it is a team effort of 2 or more. (This is generous, but is an attempt to encourage participation when invited to come and help in a rezz)

Failed Rezz

If the rezz fails, in other words, if none of the rezz team gets through the ritual without rolling 2 failures, then the deceased remains dead and an additional attempt may be made on the following mun day after an all night meditational/prayer vigil over the corpse (only the first part of this must be logged and roleplayed). During this space of time, the deceased must not RP, but must remain as though dead (IM communication is allowed). Be sure to state in your log that it is a second attempt at a rezz.

Xps awarded for the rezz will be reduced if it required more than one attempt, indicating that the Priests and Healers must purify themselves, study, and center their energies better.


Format is similar to a rezz but with fewer points to heal:

Degree of Illness: #Points to Heal: Xps for Healer:

Fatal Illness 30 100

Major Illness 20 70

Moderate Illness 15 50

Minor Illness 10 30

(Xps listed are for 1 or 2 more than that should be needed, and if in the case of the "Fatal" illness the patient should die, a rezz may be performed.)


"Fatal" illness or injury is any severe illness or injury which would, if continuing unchecked, most certainly result in death in medieval or fantasy civilization times without modern healing medicine and techniques.

These might include, but are not limited to: Gangrene, uncontrolled bleeding, cancerous growth, overcome by poisonous fumes (asphyxiation), virulent infections such as "the Black Plague", severe heart attack or stroke, blood diseases such as leukemia, non-survivable birth defects, fall from a high place, broken neck, suicide attempt, drinking poison or eating poisonous plants or poisonous animal or insect bite (fatal venom), blade attack that doesn't kill instantaneously but pierces major organs or arteries, respiratory failure or suffocation, severe burns, leprosy, burst appendix, severe internal injuries (as from having a horse fall on a warrior, for example), mauling by a large animal...etc.

"Major" illness or injury is that which basically incapacitates the patient, but is more like an acute illness, extremely severe but not always life-threatening. This category also includes blindness, deafness or muteness, and severe deformities.

These might include, but are not limited to: Near drowning, coma, violent insanity (including demon possession), impending miscarriage, or complications to the mother after a miscarriage, blade injuries to scalp, limbs, or shoulders which cause major bleeding, arm or leg crushed in an accident, broken back, pneumonia, hypothermia, respiratory distress, consuming spoiled food or polluted water, paralysis, reattachment of a limb after amputation in battle or accident, etc.

"Moderate" includes most illnesses or injuries that simply take too long to heal and should be healed so that the sufferer can resume a normal life sooner.

These would include, but are not limited to: Broken arms and legs, broken jaw, benign growths or tumors, lameness from a healed broken bone, flesh wounds or a large animal bite requiring stitches, chicken pox, whooping cough or mumps, rickets, rotted tooth, infections which result in oozing or itching, painful rashes, swellings under the skin or inside the mouth, back pain, blurred vision, chronic pain of unknown origin, chronic or acute depression, psychosis or disorientation, speech impediments, loss of memory, ringing in the ears or hearing voices, hallucinations, pregnancy discomfort, post-partum disorders, acute digestive distress (vomiting).. etc.

"Minor" illnesses and injuries are those which do not prevent a normal day to day life, but may be healed to improve the patient's quality of life, to remove annoying pain, or to prevent infection.

These include, but are not limited to: Toothache, headache, stomachache, hangover, allergies, colds, cuts, bruises, bumps, scars, anxiety attack, fainting, lethargy and malaise, mood swings, ringing in the ears, joint stiffness or pain, battle fatigue, food cravings, annoying bad habits, domestic or small animal bite, non-fatal venomous insect bite, work-related injuries such as hammering a thumb or dropping a brick on a foot.

Procedure for a Healing

When a healer is called in to perform a healing on a patient, s/he must

1. Start a log stating your Reg #, dice and the mun date.
(If you forget to do this, include the information in the E-Mail that you send with the log attached.)

2. State the Diagnosis and Category of the Illness or Injury for the log.
The healer should examine the patient to make the proper diagnosis, and/or listen to the family or witnesses who can relate the circumstances to the healer in detail.

(Note: It is impossible to list every possible situation in the above categories, so the healer must judge the severity of the illness for the log if it is not one listed, or if the list is not available, s/he must make a judgement call as to the severity of the illness):

Wizard811: (CplWhatzit, total paralysis, Category: Major, 30 points to heal).

(Note: if two healers are involved, they need not roll "init". It is not required for healings)

3. Roleplay your healing action and roll your Holy Dice.

Wizard811: ::opens her kit of porcupine needles dipped in various healing oils and lays it open next to the bedside, selects one and carefully works it into his neck two inches below his ear::

OnlineHost: Wizard811 rolled 1 95-sided die: 83

(3 points are subtracted from 30 points)

Wizard811: (27)

The same dice rules apply as with a rezz.

If the healer rolls 2 failures, the healing is unsuccessful, and the patient remains ill/injured until another healer can be found to try again. The second healer continues the healing where the first healer left off. So if Healer#1 heals 15 out of 30 points before "failing", the second healer only needs to heal the remaining 15 points.

If two healers begin the healing together, they each receive the Xpts for a successful healing, even if one rolls two failures in the process.

If one healer attempts the healing alone, and fails, and another healer is called in, the first healer receives 10 Xpts for the 'failed' healing, and the second healer gets the full Xpts for the healing. (this to indicate that the first healer needs to study and practice his/her skills more)


Priest/ess and healers both perform ceremonies for the community and thereby gain Xps. Some ceremonies, by their nature, must be performed by a priest/ess rather than a healer.

Ceremonies Requiring No Dice Roll

The Table below contains the list of approved ceremonies for Xps in CRG that do not require a role of the dice, but are simply performed for their role-play value. Xps will be increased above the amounts listed if the role-play is excellent.

Logs must be submitted stating the Screen Names, Reg #'s of the participating Priests/esses and Healers, type of ceremony being performed, and the mun date.

Ceremonies Requiring No Dice Roll
Baseline Xp Accepted

Adoption ** 50

Anointing Newborn/Baptism
** 50

Betrothal ** 50

Birth (delivering child) 100

Birth (ceremony for new parenthood) 100

Blessings (other than above)
** 50

Calendar or Seasonal Observances/Gatherings 150

(must plan the observance, and send invitations)

Confession with Absolution
** 50

Counseling (mental health or relationship) 150

Divorce (after failed counseling)
** 50

End/Intervene Feud 50

** 150
(including actual burial)

Last Rites ** 50


Perform the Ordination
** 50

Become Ordained 50

Prayer Vigil 50

Rites of Passage
(manhood, womanhood, novitiates, acceptance into
artisan guilds, secret societies or the like) 50

** 50
("worship service"...must include short sermon)

** 150
(as in a seance-must include a valid SL reason)

** 150
(must confer with the couple on planning)

** Pertains to ceremonies that only a Priest/Priestess may perform.

It is the right of any community NOT to use these ceremonies, but if they DO, then the priest/ess or healer presiding over them will receive XPts.

[List of Registrated Healers]
[List of Registered Priests]