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(`·..·´`·. Rhy'Din Mystical Guilds .·´`·..·´)

- The RMG Forum is a forum created to support the great ideals of Rhydin. Its government is here to help the guilds as best they can, and will strive to make this the greatest forum in all of Rhydin.

..Ønly the best for the land will do..
..Ånd for that, the dream will be made to reality..


- RMG was created in early '99 by Lord Makklin Detarin for this sole purpose. Still a fairly small forum, it was left to Lady Mei Toriyama, who still withholds it. Light, neutral, and dark guilds are accepted, as this forum is neutral. Pages are again in construction; but please take the time to use the navigation bar at the left to look around.


- We don't expect too much from you in joining our forum. But we do ask that you closely follow the rules and respect the High Council, as well as send bi-weekly/monthly rosters to the Forum Regent, [DstnyStar]. A current list of guild high council is required at all times, meaning -- always tell the regent of any current or not-so current [SN] changes of the high council. Treason is not accepted in any way or form, so don't even try it. :o)


- With any problems, comments, or suggestions, please contact the regent. Thank you for taking interest in our forum.

-;- Mei Toriyama -;-
-;- RMG Regent -;-